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    The adidas Ultra Boost Story Kicks Off

    What exactly goes on with an athlete's foot when they're running? The Ultra Boost was launched in 2015 after the company's lab techs spent an intensive period of research trying to answer that question. Following the sort of exhaustive stress tests and computer modelling that's usually conducted on sports cars and jet engines, adidas released a sneaker that promised unheard of comfort levels, plus 20% per cent more energy with every stride. No wonder the Ultra Boost quickly became one of the most sought after high-performance trainers out there.

    A Revolution in Running

    While it's jazzy enough to be a lifestyle sneaker, the adidas Ultra Boost is a serious running shoe. Running is all about delivering force from your foot to the ground and back again. The Ultra Boost has several features that optimise energy return, giving you a feeling of lightness and super-speed. And thanks to special adaptive materials, it stretches and bends naturally with your foot while also supplying plenty of support and protection. The shoe's driving force comes from the Boost midsole, which contains around 3000 air-filled foam pellets. A springy insert delivers extra bounce, and a rubber webbing outsole provides outstanding traction. Meanwhile, the Primeknit 360 upper stretches to allow the foot to expand and is thicker in some areas than others for additional support. As a final touch, a 3D-moulded clip dampens impacts to the ankle.

    Give Your Sports Kit an Ultra Boost

    To make the most of the adidas Ultra Boost, you'll probably want to deck yourself out in some equally high-performance athleisure gear. For example, a moisture-wicking tank and form-fitting compression leggings. Or for colder weather, a hoodie and joggers, plus smart gloves so that you can work your phone on the move. That said, you can team your sneakers with a whole set of casual looks too.

    Why Foot Locker?

    Foot Locker is a great place to pick up your adidas Ultra Boost sneakers because you can count on getting a good deal on must-have new releases and colourways. We pride ourselves on fast-tracking the most talked about new sneakers straight to your door, so you can hit the streets and impress all your friends.