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    The Nike Air Max 270: designed for lifestyle

    Nike Air made its name as the brand that broke the boundaries between sportswear and casual day-to-day footwear. Still, the focus of the design was always performance first. The Nike Air Max 270 is the first in the Nike Air series to be designed from start to finish with everyday comfort and cool in mind. We at Foot Locker are proud to bring you the impressively sleek and functional design of the Air Max 270.

    Classic style meets modern chic

    The Nike Air Max 270 is created with the awareness that, aside from being essentials at the running track, sneakers are now also a primary fashion accessory. The Nike AM 270 has been designed to keep you comfortable and at the front of the line in terms of trend-setting from first light to day's end. The AM 270’s bold silhouette is inspired by two previous designs and offers the highest cushion heel in the Air Max series to date.

    The Air Max 270 look

    With the AM 270, the Air Max design team put fashion first but still made sure to shape the look and the feel of the shoe through the lens of their impressive sporting experience. The 270 moniker refers to the 270 degrees of Air Unit that hug the back of the shoe. Nike Air are famed for their ability to expand a family tree of products and the original Nike Air Max 270 has already exploded into a wide range of different colour combinations, including classic red and black to a dynamic and head-turning combination of gold and magenta. The Air Max 270 itself will always demand attention, but if you really want to ratchet up the impact that you can make with the AM 270, why not choose a colour scheme with a little bling attached?

    The Air Max 270 feel

    Aside from the comfortable weightless feeling offered up by the deep air cushion at the back, the Air Max 270 also boasts a rubber toe tip to help deal with the many kinds of terrain you need to take on every day. The sides of the AM 270 feature a stylish and functional groove patterning that allows the shoe to bend and flex in line with the movement of your feet.

    Air Max 270 Features

    The focus on fashion and comfort over speed and performance is visible in the chunky asymmetrical lacing of the Air Max 270, meant to keep your feet in position and trick out your outfit at the same time. The Air Cushion of the AM 270 also boasts a full integration with your chosen colour patterning, making for a profile that is hard to argue with. The Air Max 270’s dual Swoosh set-up on the sides is a nod to Nike Air heritage, while both the rubber toe and Air unit display the Air logo loudly and proudly. All in all, the Nike Air Max 270 is very much its own kind of shoe and represents a whole new level of sneaker-cool.

    The company you keep with the Air Max 270

    When you strap up your new pair of Air Max 270’s, you stand shoulder to shoulder with some hot celebrity names who have already done so, including professional basketball player Kevin Durant. Well, maybe not shoulder to shoulder, unless you also happen to stand over 2 meters tall! But whatever your height, look or fashion-focus, you'll be ready to write your own legacy of cool with a pair of Nike Air Max 270’s. Foot Locker has a wide range of the Air Max 270 in stock for men, women and children.