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    Under Armour makes you better!

    Embrace the athletic lifestyle with Under Armour at Foot Locker! Designed for optimal performance, Under Armour products are engineered to match the performance needs of the best athletes in the worlds and will help you unleash your full potential, no matter what your sport is. Read more

    Under Armour’s history

    Under Armour is the new athletic sportswear generation. No non-sense, only performance matters! Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. Plank, a US-football player from the University of Maryland, noticed that he would have to change out the t-shirts he wore under his uniform because they would quickly become soaked in sweat, while the compression shorts he wore remained dry.

    Plank then started the Under Armour movement by creating moisture-wicking performance apparel shortly thereafter. With Plank's US Football experience and reputation, Under Armour compression apparel quickly caught on with amateur and professional football players.

    Under Armour continues to develop technologies and fabrics that push forward the performance of compression and apparel. Along with their patented HeatGear and ColdGear moisture management technologies, Under Armour also produces performance footwear for many sports, including Under Armour Basketball Under Armour training shoes, Under Armour running shoes, Under Armour soccer and the now famous Under Armour fitness line.

    Under Amour basketball was launched in 2010 after a couple of years of planning and development. The anticipation created a lot talk amongst sneakerheads and basketball players alike. Today’s best basketball player in the world, Stephen Curry, is an Under Armour athlete and has put the brand under the spotlight it deserves. Under Armour and the basketball freak that is Stephen Curry are now closely collaborating to bring basketball footwear to the next level of performance.

    Alongside Curry, Under Armour also works with a solid roster of sponsored athletes and continues to supply performance compression apparel and team gear for a large number of teams and organizations from every level of sport, from amateur youth to pro level.

    Follow Under Armour at Foot Locker!

    Foot Locker is proud to partner with Under Armour and is committed to bring the brand’s best products forward in the future. Are you a dedicated athlete and an Under Armour fan? Then stayed tuned on this page, as we will be updating regularly our Under Armour product selection.

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