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    Nike Tuned

    Interview with designer Erwan Chansou

    Twenty years ago, the Nike Tuned debuted exclusively at Foot Locker. Our inhouse Graphic Designer – and big sneaker enthusiast - Erwan Chansou has created three pins to celebrate this special anniversary. We chatted with Erwan about his career at Foot Locker, the Nike Tuned and the pins of course! 

    Let’s start with your design background at Foot Locker: How long have you been working at Foot Locker?

    I have been working as a graphic designer for three and a half years now. 

    What do you like about working at Foot Locker?

    I have been collecting sneakers for almost a decade now. I started working at a young age to afford my own kicks. Working at Foot Locker allows me to talk about sneakers all day, every day. Also, it has allowed me to see the sneakers industry from the inside.

    What project are you most proud of?

    Most likely, the Nike Tuned related pins! We worked hard to make them happen. This project also links to my passion for sneakers and that is a pretty nice feeling. 

    Can you tell us more about why the pin project is special for Foot Locker?

    These pins are great goodies and, right now, it’s all about what else you can bring to the market. Overall, I believe that the pins are a good addition to the celebration of the Nike Tuned 20th anniversary. It’s a special anniversary that deserves special care and attention.

    Do you have a special bond with the Nike Tuned?

    In France, where I grew up, the Nike Tuned is a very special shoe. You either love it or hate it, no middle ground there. In my case, I only have love for the Tuned’s. In middle school I would always look up to the older kids and check what they were wearing. It was a shock when I first saw the Nike Tuned. Such an aggressive and memorable silhouette.


    What is your favourite Nike Tuned colourway?

    If I could only pick one, I would go for the Nike Tuned Rainbow. This Women’s colourway, released in 1999, is for me the nicest colourway as it’s built with beautiful colours and gradients. Nowadays, it has become pretty difficult to find a pair…but I will eventually hunt them down.

    Can you tell us the story behind each pin?

    The pins are referring to the Nike Tuneds in a pretty straightforward manner. Two of them, the Shark and the Tiger, refer to the nicknames given to the first two OG colourways ever released. Creating pins with these animals was a cool way to recognize the sneaker community. When it comes to the purple sunset, it ties back to the whole history of the creation of the Nike Tuned. Nike designer Sean McDowell got his inspiration from seeing palm trees blow in the wind during a sunset on a beach in Florida. You can find all these elements on the pin, tracing back the creation of the Tuned. 

    What gets you in the zone when designing?

    Music plays a crucial part in this process. French rap is a must for me.

    And finally… What is your favourite way to style the pins?

    I pretty much always wore pins. I like the additional level of non-verbal communication they can add to an outfit. I like to wear my favourite pins on my waist bag as I always carry it with me. The denim jacket is also a very strong option when it comes to showing off the pins.