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RAISE THE GAME is our promise to bring better courts to the neighborhoods, to promote the local game, its style and its heroes. Alongside the NBA and local basketball networks throughout Europe, we are embarking on a journey to help the game and its culture on and off the court thrive. Supporting those individuals who have dedicated their lives to making their communities better, through the lens of basketball.

​Each city has developed its own unique style of play on the court, just as it has its own style on the streets. Each neighborhood brings people together through a passion for the game that lives beyond the court. Each game played has the possibility to drive change and inclusion.​


  • 10th Arrondissement, Paris

    Paris, a city where basketball has been brought back to its roots. Each neighbourhood competing to hold court over the others, pushing the game forward with every crossover and dunk.

    The suburbs ballers coming into the city with their different style of game, rivalries between arrondissements being battled out. It is competition at its best, where all teams believe the grind of the game makes them better, sharpening their skills


  • Brixton, London

    South London is known as one of the best places in the UK for ballers. Not only does the city’s rich street style capture people’s attention, so do the ballers in the parks, with their gritty swagger on the court.

    If we are talking Brixton basketball, we have got to talk about the Brixton Topcats, South London’s premier Basketball Club. It is soaked in a rich heritage and has a long-standing status within the community.

    The club was started back in 1985 by the late Jimmy Rogers, one of the most recognizable coaches in the world.


  • Milano

    Milano is the city with the most basketball playgrounds in the western world, More than New York, more than London and more than Paris. The cities style of play is reflective of its streetball roots and although different

    neighborhoods have unique styles, it’s the teams that are formed with members from different places that truly brings to life Milano Basketball.


  • Barcelona

    Barcelona has a rich basketball history, with its championship club teams , and streetballersthe street-ball scene coming to life since the DREAM TEAM of the 92’ Olympics came to the city, and inspired them.

    The cities second most popular sport is able to be played almost year around outside due its warm weather. Even though they have a lot of places to get out and play, the courts and grassroots community need investment to keep growing the game.


  • Jordan

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