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Balti Zone

The Balti Zone basketball court, located on Quai de Jemmapes, in the 10th arrondissement of  Paris, is probably the city’s most famous. The 10th arrondissement is the heartbeat of Paris Basketball, and hosts one of the best streetball tournaments in the world, Quai54 – and Balti Zone is one of its hubs. Thanks to the NBA and Foot Locker, this iconic basketball spot just got a spectacular makeover. Red and black graphics in an asymmetrical pattern create a vibrant pop of color in the midst of this busy metropolitan area. The new look of the Jemappes court has been revealed on September 25th, 2020, in occasion of the launch of " Raise the game". ​

Our gift to the community ​

Attached to a skatepark, this basketball court has its codes, its gestures, and its guardian angels. The 'Sons of Jemmapes' are a local community that watches over this narrow asphalt playground, and runs after-school basketball programs to support the local youth. Limited-edition basketball outfits and kits matching the design of the court were developed and donated to 'Sons of Jemmapes', to foster the sense of belonging and community that the court has generated in the neighborhood. ​