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The Parisian ballers committed to their communities


Diandra, Laura, Helena and Jérémy are four individuals committed to both basketball and the Parisian community. In their own way, each one is working to engage with and improve everyday life in communities in Paris and the surrounding areas.

Diandra is from Seine-Saint-Denis. She is proud to be able to represent this area on the French team. To showcase her origins, she chose the number 93 for her jersey, the administrative number for Seine-Saint-Denis. As well as her role on the French team, she is also the driving force behind several projects that put young people in the spotlight, in particular girls from the poorer suburbs of Paris who want to break free.

Helena is originally from northern Paris. From a very young age, she knew she wanted to be a pro basketball player. It's in her blood. Currently she is at high school in the United States, having decided to venture overseas and improve her skills there. Every time she returns to Paris, she only wants to do one thing — tell young people who want to follow in her footsteps that anything is possible if you persevere.

Laura is well-known amongst Parisian ballers. She founded IcanPlay, the first digital media entity to showcase women in basketball. Her goal: to empower women on and off the court.  She conveys this positive message through content featuring the various public sports parks throughout Paris.

Jérémy works as a personal coach and is also an assistant for the French u18 team. He wants to spread awareness about the value of basketball and self-sacrifice. His mantra is that anyone can do it, and perseverance and mutual support are his watchwords.