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adidas Originals Chile 20

Find your Freedom

The adidas Originals Chile just landed at Foot Locker. Born from the streets, this legendary tracksuit is in a class of its own. It’s a lot more than just cool looks – it’s a symbol of freedom and self-expression, of the power to create your own style, your own rules. 

The adidas Originals Chile collection was first released in 1962 at the seventh FIFA World Cup in Chile, the country from which it draws its name. It immediately and consistently enjoyed great popularity – so much so, that a new edition was designed to meet the evolving demands of today. The Chile 20 collection takes on all the characteristics of the classic styles, and delivers improved performances thanks to its weather-resistant, wetlook fabric and the warm, soft-brushed lining. The 3 stripes on the sleeves come in bold green, red, yellow colors encouraging you to find and embrace your individual freedom. 

In occasion of the release of the new adidas Originals Chile apparel line, we have invited stripers from all over Europe to sport their favorite Chile look and answer a question that is at heart of this free-spirited line of apparel: “How do you find your freedom in recent times?”. We are living an unprecedented and unusual period in history, which is challenging our very basic notion of freedom. And yet, freedom is within us – each one of us has its own special way of feeling it. And you, how do you find your freedom? Here’s what our Stripers had to say on the matter.

Jumoke (UK)

Reading, for Jumoke, is a way of escaping reality for a few hours, and get immersed in an alternative life. When reading, your imagination is free to depict a whole new world.

  • Jelle (NL)

    Jelle finds his freedom through movement. Walking in nature, kicking a ball, exercising outdoors, are all ways to reconnect your mind and your body.

  • Brian (DE)

    For Brian, freedom is independently planning his day and choosing to dedicate his extra time to things he loves. Uninterrupted focus on an activity he enjoys is a way for him to feel free and refreshed.

  • Ramiro (ES)

    Ramiro, from Spain, expresses himself and his freedom through art. As a tattoo artist, creating his designs fills him with purpose and lets him escape any physical boundaries.

  • Alex (IT)

    Feeling free, for Alex, is reaching his goals and setting the bar a little higher every time. Pushing himself beyond his limits and working hard to succeed makes him conquer his internal freedom.

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There is always a way to freedom. You just got to find yours. Let the free-spirited essence of the adidas Originals Chile 20 support you in your quest. Browse the collection, pick your favorite items, and let the journey begin.