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adidas ZX 2K Boost Pure Style

adidas Zx 2K Boost Pure

How to style ZX 2K Boost Pure

The new adidas ZX 2K Boost Pure

The adidas ZX 2K Boost Pure is a futuristic shoe with its roots in the past. Born in the 80’s but projected into the future, its bold design is still groundbreaking today. This new iteration of the classic shoe further expands on its modern construction thanks to the addition of technological advances aimed at combining comfort and good looks. Take for example the translucent heel clip hugging the Boost midsole, which guarantees the softest of fits, or the flexible upper with robust ripstop overlays, offering you maximum freedom of movement and lightness. With such exceptional weight support, this is a shoe that you can wear all day long.

Our Striper’s style tips

We are sharing Caprice’s tips for styling the adidas ZX 2K Boost Pure! Caprice works at the Liverpool Store. Discover more about her on our ‘Meet the Stripers’ page. 

“This is a shoe that pops out, but is also easy to style. It’s thanks to its versatile black-andwhite colorway, and the bright orange accents. Given its supremely comfortable fit, the adidas ZX 2K Boost Pure is the cherry on top of any “chill” look! Pair it with an oversized t-shirt like the Adidas Run Dmc Photo - Men T-Shirts, and dare to add a preppy touch with a white polo shirt underneath. A pair of black baggy pants like the Adidas Pharrell Williams Basics - Men Pants and matching black socks complete this loungewear outfit. Next, you’ll want to liven up this black canvas with some bright accessories, like layered gold necklaces and thin gold hoops. A huge orange scrunchie would tie in the orange on the back of the T-shirt and the accents on the shoe, making things even more interesting”.

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Here are our Striper’s tips for a perfect match with the adidas ZX 2K Boost Pure. Have a look at our suggestions and complete your Boost look!