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Crooks Castles Black White Trend

Black & White collection


There is a reason why the classic black and white trend is so popular – it’s easy to wear, good-looking and timeless. This high-contrast match will make you stand out without looking like you are trying too hard, for an effortless modern look. You simply can’t go wrong with black and white.


Monochromatic sneakers

Another real advantage of the black and white trend is that it makes sneakers look just amazing. A triple black or triple white sneaker, aka monochrome colourway, looks neat, classy, and never gets old. It is the most classic choice for iconic footwear like the Nike Air Force 1, and it highlights the shoes’ design perfectly. Another option is the dual colourway, in which black and white harmoniously coexist, making the silhouette’s details stand out. It’s the case of bitonal shoes like the adidas Superstar, where the three black stripes make a grand appearance on the white background, or the PUMA Classic Suede, with its white contrast side stripe on a black upper.


High-contrast apparel

It’s not just shoes that benefit from the black & white combination. By shopping for tops and pants in black and white shades, you are paving the way for easy styling and endless combinations. No more hesitations in the morning: putting your outfit together will be easy as 1-2-3. Whether you go for a total black or total white look, or decide to mix things up, you will always have a perfect match.