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Earth Day – Move to Zero

This Earth Day, Move to Zero

What better chance than Earth Day to think about the impact your lifestyle has on our planet? Even when it comes to style, there are tons of ways you can reduce your footprint without sacrificing your look. Mercedes and Lorenzo, Stripers from Amsterdam, are proud to present their top tips for a greener lifestyle.

Tip #1: Clean your sneakers to make them last longer

The temptation to buy every new release in sight is strong, we do understand that. But with so many good styles around, your rotation will thrive even if you don’t constantly expand it with new additions. When you buy shoes, you really love, it’s worth putting in some elbow grease to make them look fresh longer.

Tip #2: Re -use our cool recyclable bags

Have you ever noticed how cool and sturdy our Foot Locker recyclable bags are?! They are spacious and practical and can be reused hundreds of times. Perfect for everyday use, from carrying sneaker boxes to grocery shopping. Plus, it’ll be a welcome reminder of the joys of sneaker shopping :)

Tip #3: Spruce old sneakers up with new laces

Sometimes, a little detail can make a world of difference. You’ll be surprised at how different and interesting your sneakers can look with a pair of new laces. Go wild with various colors, sizes, and shapes, and you’ll never be bored again.

Tip #4: Look for products with recycled materials

The best way to avoid unnecessary waste? Re -use! Lots of sneaker options made from recycled materials are popping up as of lately. Like the new Nike Crater Impact, born out of Nike’s sustainability journey to transform trash into shoes. The Crater Impact's fresh silhouette is made from at least 25% recycled material by weight, and compromises nothing in style while treading lighter on planet Earth.


Looking good while doing the Earth good – definitely possible with our selection of greener styles made with recycled materials. Reduced impact, improved looks: just browse through the collection if you don’t believe us!