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Gift Guide

Your ultimate gift guide 

Not sure about what kind of gift to give? Don’t worry. We asked our Italy-based Stripers, Carmela and Emmanuel, about the freshest streetwear styles they love to give and receive. Finding the perfect gift for someone special has never been this easy. 


Hi guys, to start I have a fun story to tell you. This one is for everyone that loves the AIR FORCE 1 MID WHITE sneakers just as much as I do.  My friend Sabrina and I were unwrapping gifts we had gotten for each other. Sabrina opens the gift received from me and finds the beautiful AIR FORCE 1, looks at me and says "Oops I opened the wrong gift, this is for you" ... I looked and laughed ... we had chosen the same gift for each other 😂. I love wearing the AIR FORCE 1, they make me smile because I associate them with that special moment. When I wear them I always complete the look with Nike basic socks and to personalize them I choose colored laces.

To give: 

I love shopping in Foot Locker stores because I always find what I'm looking for. I bought the Converse UNT1TL3D sneakers from the new collection for my brother, I chose them because they fit his personality, the details are related to street art, he will surely stand out among friends.

To get:

I love to complete my outfit with clothing and accessories from the various brands that Foot Locker offers. I would like to receive the new ‘Puma MAYZE platform by Dua Lipa’, I find them casual but different at the same time. 


I recommend not to miss the various clothing collections that NIKE offers, in particular the new NIKE TECH TRACK line, the spring collection is crazy. Let yourself be inspired by the many colors to wear and then take beautiful photos to post for your socials.


To give:

The gifts I love to give to my friends and family are sneakers because I think I know what their style is. However, when I’m not entirely sure what kind of sneakers they like I will go for some more casual apparel. 

To get:

I love receiving sneakers as a gift. A gift I once received was a pair of Jordan 1 mid. It was so special because it was a birthday gift from my sister and she really got it right.


My recommendation would be to look for apparel because I think it’s probably a bit easier than sneakers. Also, this is the time that sportswear and streetwear is very on trend so you really can’t go wrong with that. You can also by shoe care as a gift. This way someone can make their favorite sneakers shine again.