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Pop Art

The world of Pop Art 


Bright, loud, and bold. Pop art is colorful, experimental, and inclusive. Different media, such as paint, cartoons, and photography, are mixed to achieve a cohesive and original image. Born in the UK and US in the late ‘50s, it rose to fame and popular acclaim during the ‘60s – so it definitely has a retro vibe to it.

Pop Art meets Gen Z 

We have given new life to Pop Art by inviting today’s Gen Z to explore it and experience it their way. Wandering through this vintage and colorful world, we discover daring designs and colorways that will make any contemporary outfit ‘pop’. Only great things can come out of these two worlds meeting! Follow them in their exploration and discover how Pop Art can elevate streetwear to new levels. 

Meet Nathaly 

Nathaly has been part of the Foot Locker community since November 2020, working as Product Handler at our warehouse in the Netherlands. She has had the exciting chance to take part in the Pop Art campaign as a model! This was not her first time though: she had already worked as a model during her teenage years in Aruba. And she couldn’t be more excited about having this experience again! “I had so much fun doing this campaign! Not only because I was approached to be part of it while I was working in the warehouse, but because of how I felt doing it. The team made me feel so secure and good about it”, Nathaly describes. 

What product caught her eye during the photoshoot, you may ask? “The NIKE Blazer Mid ‘77 SE I wore was my favorite. I had never seen this leopard print version before. It’s now in my must-have list! ”, she adds. 


Shop Pop Art 


Are you ready to bring some Pop Art into your wardrobe? Shop the collection now! You will discover bold, colorful footwear and apparel, some of which have been reviewed by our Stripers.