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Euro UEFA Final Challenge

Euro 2020, and the winner is….

Euro 2020 is almost over and tonight we will finally know who the winner is. The competition was tough but there can only be one European Champion. We can’t wait to find out. Will it be England or Italy… the suspense is real.

Meanwhile, our very own football competition within the Striper community has come to an end. Unfortunately, Brian, one of our worthy contestants from Germany, got injured and had to drop out of the race. Our Stripers all of Europe fought hard for a spot in the finals but there can only be one winner.

England is still in the running to win the Euro 2020 but in the meantime one thing is for sure: Rui, our Striper from Newcastle completed the challenge with 82 kick-ups and is therefore the winner of the Striper Challenge. How impressive is that?!

We contacted our champion to ask him about his big win. “I feel amazing! I learned how to play by joining Futsal and Football teams from a young age. I was confident I would do well, but I didn’t expect to win. It feels great.”

Do you think you can do better than Rui? Then grab your phone and record yourself doing kick-ups. Let the world discover your talent! Share the video on Instagram with #striperchallenge, and don't forget to tag @footlockereu so we can see you.


Whether you want to show England your support, or just love to wear white and red, discover Rui's picks.