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Meet The Organizations

Meet The Charities

We asked our three changemakers to choose a charity they want to give back to. Day in, day out these organizations fight for justice and this holiday season we want to support their cause with a €10.000 donation. We are happy to announce they chose to give their contribution to: HIM + HIS // Black Minds Matter UK, La Maison des Femmes and Africa e Mediterraneo. 

HIM+HIS  // Black Minds Matter UK
Isaac chose to donate to UK charity HIM + HIS // Black Minds Matter. The charity focusses on male identity and mental health, mainly but not exclusively for black men. They host events, workshops, film screening and exhibitions, and they promote male artists and their artworks that explore men’s identity and mental health. Their aim is to use the money raised to pay in full for therapy sessions for those in need. The BMM Instagram account provides resources as well as making mental health in the black community relevant and accessible.

La Maison Des Femmes
Odile chose to donate to La Maison des Femmes (The Women’s Home), a charity that welcomes all women who are vulnerable to or are victims of violence. From contraception to abortion, to FGM care, to rape or other forms of physical and mental abuse — within the family context or another — their teams offer the latest and most appropriate care. They’re currently based in the maternity ward of a hospital in the region of Seine Saint-Denis, an area that’s known to frequent situations of distress for the large population of migrant women, undocumented immigrants, and women who have lost social and family ties. 

Africa e Mediterraneo
Stella chose to donate to Africa e Mediterraneo, a non-profit organization created to promote intercultural awareness and cultural cooperation, mainly between Europe and Africa. From promotional/exhibition projects to research, and from lectures and workshops at public schools - Africa e Mediterraneo has played a pioneering role in the study and the promotion of African cultural expression and production, within Italy as well as outside it. By collaborating with artists and creative talents of African origin, the charity focusses on getting their message across through creativity, integration and arts and culture.