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Asics Gel Quantum 180 review by Manu

Asics Gel Quantum 180-6 - Men Shoes

Overall experience:

My experience with them was great, as it is so comfortable for people who have knee injuries like me. This model is extremely comfortable, not only because of its sole, which has an anti-slip rubber that outperforms many of its rivals, but also because of its comfort. The model offers an integrated gel system that makes walking, running, or jumping have no negative impact on our joints, thus absorbing impacts vibrations. Finally, its breathable material will make us feel fresh when wearing them, but not letting the cold pass through its inner layer, a material that resembles neoprene.

Recommended for: 

People who are into sports but at the same time, want to care for their legs and posture. It is a sporty model that can also be casual. It offers great comfort for activities such as running, or long walks.

Styling tips:

A great outfit for this product would be a tracksuit with retro pants and a wide sweatshirt. Add high socks and you will have a sporty, yet urban touch. In a nutshell, a very Prince of Bel-Air style look, but with the most comfortable sneaker ever!