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adidas Cuffed Mens Pants reviewed by Wai

adidas Cuffed - Men Pants (Grey Heather / Black)

adidas Cuffed - Men Pants (Grey Heather / Black) 

Recommended for:

a daily routine to keep it cozy. I can dress my joggers up or down. It depends on my mood on that day.

A good choice if:

you also like grey joggers. You can never go wrong with a pair of grey joggers. You can literally wear them with anything.

Styling tips: 

Every brand has its own grey joggers. These ones are super simple with some black stripes and the logo. I could wear them with any color of shoes. Joggers with everything. They are super in trend these days. Look at Kanye and his Yeezy line or Jerry Lorenzo with Fear of God. Cozy and good-looking!