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adidas ZX 2K Boost X Ninja - Men Shoes (White/ Black/ Grey)

adidas Zx 2K Boost X Ninja - Men Shoes (White/ Black/ Greyfive) 

adidas Zx 2K Boost X Ninja - Men Shoes (White/ Black/ Greyfive) 

Overall experience: 

The design of the shoe is simple and elegant, so it's perfect for everyday use. And you just can’t compete with the Boost technology - it's the most comfortable cushion on the market. The form of this silhouette is also wider than most  other silhouettes by adidas. The ZX 2K Boost is made out of mesh, so the material is kind of 'stretchy' and durable. Another plus is that it’s breathable, making it a great workout shoe. 

A good choice if you also like:

Adidas ZX Flux. I think that the silhouette took its inspiration from it. The ZX Flux became a classic - a lot of customers are looking for it. 

Recommended for:

an everyday wear. ZX 2K Boost’s design is just made for it. I could see anybody rocking this silhouette on an everyday basis. But this particular colorway is made for specific people, I would say. These are made for the fans of Ninja, the gamer. But I think people who like their shoes to stand out would love these shoes, too. The laces really pop. 

Styling tips: 

You can wear it with joggers or jeans - I have already seen people wear the all-black colorway for their business look. If I have to pick an outfit for this colorway, I would probably wear a sporty outfit. A nice jogger - black or grey - with a simple top. If I would wear it for an everyday fit, I could see myself in an all-black outfit and let the shoes do the rest.