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    Nike Air Vapormax Men – a classic must-have running shoe

    Sports shoes and in particular running shoes have undergone interesting developments in past decades. Initially, only those practising sports liked them, but they have gradually become more popular for everyday wear. Sneakers are now an established element of men's fashion, for sports activities and for everyday use. Our online shop has the finest range of sneakers around with the Nike Air Vapormax for men. These shoes combine the functionality of wearing comfort with fashionable trimming and good looks. It’s no surprise that the Nike Vapormax is a must-have for men.

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    Nike Vapormax for men: high functionality as a defining feature

    A lot of hype surrounded this running shoe even before it was put on the market. In the USA sneaker fans camped out on the doorsteps of boutiques and sports shops the night before the launch date. The scenes were highly reminiscent of the time that Nike launched the first limited editions of a number of Air Max models, but this time something was different. The first models in the Air Max 1 range stood out with unusual colouring and colour combinations; the Nike Air Vapormax now on sale has such a high level of functionality that it's the new shoe's technology that's impressing and fascinating men everywhere.

    Aerospace engineer Frank Rudy and the Nike technicians are the factors for success

    The Nike Air Vapormax is associated both with Frank Rudy and the company's own technological innovators. In 1977, aerospace engineer Frank Rudy more or less provided Nike with a design concept for a sports shoe, whose impact was visibly absorbed by air-filled cells. Nike technicians implemented this idea successfully as the special air function. They're also responsible for the special upper materials in the Air Max Collection. The Nike Air Vapormax for men has a unique upper material: an air-permeable mesh is used here, plus a precisely knitted construction made of polyester material (in this product: Flyknit). Flyknit allows for extremely high air permeability and flexibility. The Flywire fibres integrated into the Nike Air Vapormax for men give you better support at just the right points.

    Nike Air Vapormax for men gives you a real technology boost

    Thanks to this high level of functionality, which is enough to make men jump for joy, the Nike Vapormax for men is ideal for your running sessions – whether for competitive use or for daily training. The shoe's special technology benefits runners and above all sportsmen and women training for fitness, basketball players, course runners and skaters. The shoe is fitted with exceptionally effective shock absorbers, and the narrow air cells produced using Zoom technology provide a better feel for the ground moved over than competitors' products could ever do. The natural foot roll-over is given extra support by special foot notches. This high-tech environment is rounded off with a functional midsole, permitting smooth motion at all times as well as with the outsole with the Vapor traction pattern.

    A full repertoire for fashion-conscious men and trendsetters

    The Nike Vapormax for men has much more to offer than mere functionality – the striking, and in part extraordinary visual touches take design to a new level. Wear this running shoe and experience a genuine style upgrade. Or how about a hip, casual look with a touch of elegance? The Vapormax model in black and black/anthracite from our shop is the perfect solution. Pep up a smart office outfit with this model: combined with a suit jacket or polo shirt for a sporty yet elegant business look. The Flyknit version is also a first-rate choice in refined black and white patterns. Feel like making a daring visual statement? Try our other models, with vibrant or brash colour combinations. Vivid blue combined with black or a mix of two different shades of red – with Nike Air Vapormax for men, variety is guaranteed.